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A Filet Crochet Pattern For A Triangular Shawl

CHARMED HARMONY SHAWL - A Filet Crochet Pattern For A Triangular Shawl

€ 4,00Price

A Filet Crochet Pattern For A Triangular Shawl
Unleash the Charm with the "Charmed Harmony Shawl"
Embrace the timeless elegance of filet crochet with the captivating "Charmed Harmony Shawl." This triangular masterpiece utilizes a simple yet stunning technique, creating a beautiful motif of alternating solid and open blocks.
Weaving Hearts of Harmony:
The heart motif takes center stage in this design, forming a playful rhythm of empty and full hearts across the shawl. Each heart square occupies a comfortable 14 rows and 14 blocks, making it an accessible project for crocheters of all skill levels.
Filet Crochet Made Easy:
The pattern provides a clear explanation of filet crochet, detailing how solid and open blocks are formed using DC and CH stitches. It also clarifies stitch placement when working over chain spaces and adjacent blocks.
Embark on a Journey of Growth:
This shawl is constructed from the bottom point upwards, with balanced increases on both sides. The detailed instructions, accompanied by a chart , guide you effortlessly through the creation process.
A Masterpiece of Dimension:
The finished shawl boasts an impressive 340 cm width and 113 cm height, with each shorter side measuring 210 cm. This generous size ensures warmth and cozy comfort, perfect for draping around your shoulders.
Unleash Your Creativity:
This pattern is more than just instructions; it's an invitation to explore your creative spirit. Experiment with different yarn colors to personalize your shawl and express your unique charm.
Ready to Crochet Your Harmony?
Gather your yarn, hook, and a touch of love, and embark on a delightful journey to create the "Charmed Harmony Shawl." With each stitch, you'll weave not just yarn but also a sense of warmth, comfort, and timeless elegance.
I would love to see any photos you take of your work. Feel free to use #angelscrochetstudio and #charmedharmonyshawl and tag me @angelscrochetstudio on Instagram. If you have any questions, please get in touch at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!
This is an intermediate crochet pattern.
Each square that occupies 14 rows and 14 blocks = 14 CM x 19 CM
HOBBII FRIENDS WHEEL (55% cotton/ 45% acrylic, 100 g (3.5 oz) ca. 400 m (437 yds)
Color 1 (C1) Bordeaux 043 (0,8 x 100gr/400mt skeins)
Color 2 (C2) Tomato 040 (1,2 x 100gr/400mt skeins)
Color 3 (C3) Mulberry 055 (1,2 x 100gr/400mt skeins)
Color 4 (C4) Pink 047 (1,8 x 100gr/400mt skeins)
Color 5 (C5) Dusty Mauve 058 (0,8 x 100gr/400mt skeins)
HOOK 3,5 mm
Tapestry needle (to weave and hide yarn ends)
The pattern is in US terms

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