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A Crochet Pattern For A Triangular Textured Shawl

GOLDEN HARVEST SHAWL - A Crochet Pattern For A Triangular Textured Shawl

€ 4,00Price

A Crochet Pattern For A Triangular Textured Shawl

Embrace the Abundance of the "Golden Harvest Shawl"

Immerse yourself in a vibrant tapestry of textures and dimensions with the stunning "Golden Harvest Shawl". This captivating triangular masterpiece utilizes an array of stitches to create a mesmerizing landscape of waves, flowers, and striking 3D motifs.

A Symphony of Stitches:

The pattern blends a variety of crochet stitches, seamlessly transitioning between delicate DC, airy TRC, and textured HDC. This mix of stitches creates a captivating interplay of light and shadow, adding depth and dimension to the finished shawl.

Blooming with 3D Magic:

A breathtaking highlight of this shawl is the inclusion of enchanting 3D flowers, adding a touch of whimsy and visual interest. The detailed instructions guide you through the creation of these stunning embellishments, ensuring a truly unique and eye-catching piece.

Effortless Construction:

The pattern offers clear instructions and helpful tips for shaping the triangular shawl. It also clarifies the handling of chain stitches by considering them as stitches, ensuring a smooth and polished appearance.

A Canvas for Creativity:

This pattern offers a versatile base for your creative expression. While the original design utilizes ten vibrant cotton colors, the choice is yours! Feel free to use a single color or a playful cake yarn to personalize your shawl and capture the essence of your personal harvest.

Embrace the Grandeur:

The finished shawl boasts a generous size, measuring approximately 270 cm in width, 115 cm in length, and 180 cm along each of its shorter sides. This impressive size guarantees warmth and comfort, making it perfect for cozy nights in or stylish autumn outings.

Ready to Reap the Rewards?

With the "Golden Harvest Shawl" pattern in hand, all you need is your yarn, hook, and a touch of imagination. Each stitch woven represents a seed of creativity, blossoming into a harvest of beauty and warmth. Download the pattern today and begin crocheting your own piece of golden abundance!

I would love to see any photos you take of your work. Feel free to use #angelscrochetstudio and #goldenharvestshawl and tag me @angelscrochetstudio on Instagram. If you have any questions, please get in touch at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


This is an intermediate crochet pattern.


18 SC x 22 ROWS = 10 CM x 10 CM


Hobbii Friends Cotton 8/4 (100% cotton, 50 g (1.75 oz) ca. 160 m (174 yds)

Color 1 (C1) 03 Oatmilk (1,5 x 50gr/160mt skeins)

Color 2 (C2) 22 Lemon Curd (2 x 50gr/160mt skeins)

Color 3 (C3) 23 Lemon (2 x 50gr/160mt skeins)

Color 4 (C4) 24 Sunflower (2 x 50gr/160mt skeins)

Color 5 (C5) 26 Dark Yellow (2 x 50gr/160mt skeins)

Color 6 (C6) 28 Mustard (2 x 50gr/160mt skeins)

Color 7 (C7) 13 Ochre (2 x 50gr/160mt skeins)

Color 8 (C8) 14 Caramel (2 x 50gr/160mt skeins)

Color 9 (C9) 15 Walnut (2 x 50gr/160mt skeins)

Color 10 (C10) 11 Chestnut (2 x 50gr/160mt skeins)

HOOK 3,5 mm

Tapestry needle (to weave and hide yarn ends)


The pattern is in US terms

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