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A Crochet Pattern For An Oversized Poncho

NORSE ZEN PONCHO - A Crochet Pattern For An Oversized Poncho

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A Crochet Pattern For An Oversized Poncho
Introducing the Norse Zen Poncho: A Fusion of Nordic and Japanese Influences
Discover the perfect synthesis of Nordic simplicity and Japanese elegance with our Norse Zen Poncho, a delightful creation crafted as part of the #Japandi challenge in collaboration with HOBBII yarns. This unique partnership celebrates the harmonious blend of two distinct design philosophies and influences, and I am so excited to share this pattern with you.
Unveiling a Mosaic of Techniques: The Norse Zen Poncho pattern offers a delightful blend of crochet techniques, combining the beauty of overlay mosaic crochet with classic stitches. Every aspect of this pattern reflects the intricate balance between Nordic and Japanese design elements.
Embark on Your Crochet Journey: This pattern includes detailed instructions in US crochet terms. The beginning chain of each round doesn't count as a stitch unless otherwise specified, ensuring clarity and precision throughout your project.
Your Yarn, Your Choice: While this sample poncho was created with luxurious merino wool, you have the freedom to select the yarn that resonates with your style. Whether you prefer the softness of merino, the vibrancy of cotton, or the warmth of acrylic, the choice is yours.
Final Measurements: The Norse Zen Poncho is designed to drape beautifully with a height of approximately 90 cm and a width of 130 cm for both panels, assuming you've used the recommended hook size and yarn type. These dimensions ensure a comfortable over sized fit and elegant look.
Helpful Resources: To support your creative journey, I've provided a printable version of the pattern along with a chart for the overlay mosaic crochet sections. I've also prepared a sample sheet showcasing the finished pattern according to the example, so you can visualize the exquisite end result.
Crafting with Precision: Overlay Mosaic crochet is a delightful technique that is included in this pattern. Rest assured, I've outlined how to work the overlay mosaic on the right side (RS) only, using two alternating colors: C1 as a constant and C2 as a variable color. Specific instructions guide you in creating the unique block patterns.
A Reminder of Repetition: As you work through the pattern, remember that repetition of the symbol sections starts from the second stitch until the next-to-last one, with multiples of 15 horizontally. Vertically, these sections extend from the second row to the next-to-last row, with multiples of 13. The first and last stitches of each row, as well as the first and last rows, remain consistent and serve as the framework for your pattern.
A Gauge for Perfection: To ensure your Norse Zen Poncho matches the specified dimensions, gauge measurements indicate that one repetition of any section (rows 1-13, with 15 stitches per row) should measure approximately 6 cm in height and 7 cm in width.
Explore the delightful world of Japandi design, and let your creativity flourish with the Norse Zen Poncho pattern. Embrace the fusion of two remarkable design philosophies and crochet your own exquisite piece that embodies the essence of harmony, elegance, and individuality.
Enjoy your crochet journey, and create your very own Poncho that reflects the best of both Nordic and Japanese aesthetics. Happy crocheting!
I would love to see any photos you take of your work. Feel free to use #angelscrochetstudio and #norsezenponcho and tag me @angelscrochetstudio on Instagram. If you have any questions, please get in touch at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!
This is an intermediate crochet pattern.
one repetition of whichever SECTION (rows 1-13, 15 STS per row) will be 6 cm in
height and 7 cm in width.
Hobbii Friends Extra Fine Merino (100% Wool 50 g (1.75 oz) 165 m (180 yds)
C1 Light Gray 117 (8,5 x 50gr/165mt skeins)
C2 Dark Turquoise 095 (1,5 x 50gr/165mt skeins)
C3 Artichoke 110 (1,5 x 50gr/165mt skeins)
C4 Gray 119 (5,5 x 50gr/165mt skeins)
C5 Anthracite 122 (10,5 x 50gr/165mt skeins)
C6 Pink 047 (1 x 50gr/165mt skeins)
HOOK 4,5 mm
Tapestry needle (to weave and hide yarn ends)
The pattern is in US terms

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